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Re: Why do people think....

Incorrect again, Brian. You and several others became conspicuous for assembling a mob on the Samsung forum and following me around. Additionally, one of you thought it would be ok to make a call for violence against me, while you and your friends didn't say a single thing about it and the mentality having gone too far. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only instance of people going too far on the Samsung forum, feeling they are shielded by a large mob there.

Regardless, you do decently well with your pics, so you should continue and be happy with the camera you have and if you haven't hit the limits of it (as you say you are constantly amazed by it), then good on you, really. Just keep shooting and leave choices to those of us that still want them.

brianj wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

brianj wrote:

snake_b wrote:

There's more to it than that with this poster.

He's started multiple flame wars in his crusade to have manufacturers remove RAW output as a choice for everyone and has said as much that RAW output is for arrogant people.

Don't be stupid snake, anyone who believed this rubbish you write would have to be as stupid as you are.

I wouldn't count on it Brian.

Yes, you are right, the standard of some posters on these forum has reached a deplorable low level. I do not normally respond to snake_b so he goes around the forums hunting me and tells lies until he can get you to respond. He has almost single handedly destroyed the samsung forums.

I will let him go here until he is content, he has poor understanding of the english language and anything you say he will turn it around and strangle you with your own words.

So it should be quite entertaining to let him spit his venom on this thread.


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