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Re: Why do people think....

snake_b wrote:

Here's one such thread, which includes agreement with me that you have become militant with your demands against RAW use, for instance:


It's a bit sad that you went down that road on yet another theme. From RAW to sensor size demands, to not having interchangeable lenses. When will it stop?

Perhaps if Brian got rid of his cameras it would. From his comments it seems obvious that he is not comfortable with the hobby and the products available for him. If say he chucked his cameras and took up fishing he might be happier. Then he could frequent fishing forums and complain about the rods available.

I'm glad you like your camera. You bought the best camera you can afford and you do well with it, so continue to do so and develop your style and leave the choices open for the rest of us.

brianj wrote:

snake_b wrote:

There's more to it than that with this poster.

He's started multiple flame wars in his crusade to have manufacturers remove RAW output as a choice for everyone and has said as much that RAW output is for arrogant people.

Don't be stupid snake, anyone who believed this rubbish you write would have to be as stupid as you are.


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