OM-D needs more light, longer exposure times! (

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Re: yawn, no big improvements

If you can shoot 1/250sec (ISO1600) with Panasonic GF2 VS. 1/320sec (ISO3200) with Olympus E-M5, what does that tell you?

Louis_Dobson wrote:

It tells me someone needs to learn how to take photographs. ISO3200 indeed! How desperate would you have to be?

...that you need 1/160sec time with E-M5 at ISO 1600

In the meantime I have sitting in this room, and with loads of files on the computer, G1, E-PM1, GH2 and OM-D. I can assure you, processing the files, we've come along by leaps and bounds

OK. I believe you.
...But did you take into account the exposure times ?

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