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You need to understand how Brian shoots. He uses the various scene modes and the "smart" mode on his camera, shooting only in jpeg, almost always shooting landscapes or street scenes in bright conditions, so he's not really pushing his compact to the limits, nor is such things as focus point hugely important.

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We are offered choice my companies with their products and you don't like it. How sad is that? Would you like no choice when you next choose your car, cooker, fridge, meal, travel solution etc etc?

There has always been choice and there always will, but if the myriad of choices don't contain the the ones you need then you are without choice in a sea of choice.

On another note, there is so much choice today in everything we do that a person can get bogged down. Of the various machines I own, I would only use a mere fraction of the possibilities, so when talking about cameras in particular, I would much rather see an AUTO mode that actually worked perfectly, than all the useless choices that we have today that make you spend hours fiddling to try to optimise your images.


You might like that, but if there was an Auto mode that worked perfectly then there would be no need for anything else. By definition there isn't and never will be an auto mode that can work for all lighting and focusing eventuallities.

I cannot see how this can be done. How can a camera always anticipate, what the photographer wants? What he wants in focus - how deep the focus should be, whether he wants motion blur or whether he wants to freeze the action? whether he wants some detail in the shadows or wants to avoid the highlights to be blown .... In the end I want to make the deision and not want to leave it to a programmer who thinks he knows better than me.

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