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Re: Why do people think....

There's more to it than that with this poster.

He's started multiple flame wars in his crusade to have manufacturers remove RAW output as a choice for everyone and has said as much that RAW output is for arrogant people.

He says this despite the fact that he takes his jpegs and posts processes them , but claims he doesn't want to spend the time to process the RAW output. He believes it will take significantly longer to process a straight RAW than a jpeg.

So he spends more time making jpeg scene mode settings on his cam (I own one of them, too) then post processing anyway, than he does taking a photo and post processing combined.

beshannon wrote:

brianj wrote:

Why do people think and apparently camera companies as well that the average person wants interchangeable lenses, I certainly don't.

Some people do, if you do not, then do not buy one.


The irony, brian, considering you want choices taken away from people. Moving away from RAW to now interchangeable lenses.

brianj wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

We are offered choice my companies with their products and you don't like it. How sad is that? Would you like no choice when you next choose your car, cooker, fridge, meal, travel solution etc etc?

There has always been choice and there always will, but if the myriad of choices don't contain the the ones you need then you are without choice in a sea of choice.

On another note, there is so much choice today in everything we do that a person can get bogged down. Of the various machines I own, I would only use a mere fraction of the possibilities, so when talking about cameras in particular, I would much rather see an AUTO mode that actually worked perfectly, than all the useless choices that we have today that make you spend hours fiddling to try to optimise your images.


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