Canon 1D maximum write speed to compact flash?

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Re: Canon 1D maximum write speed to compact flash?

Plain, old D1?? Sacrilege

I have a plain, old D1 as well and I normally use 2 GB cards to get about 370 raw files. I have put 4GB cards in no problem but could only address 2 GB, so still only got 370 raw files. However, I tried the links in the other replies just now and put the following into notepad and saved it as 1D_format.bat

@echo off
set p targletter=Enter drive letter of flash memory card:
echo y|format %targletter%:
fs:fat x
md %targletter%:\DCIM\100EOS1D

Just for clarification, I got this from a post on FredMiranda from someone called EB-1, so thank him, not me!

I connected a 4 GB card to a USB port and it came up as drive H. I then double clicked on the batch file with it asked me which drive. So I put in H, hit return and in about 30 seconds it formatted the drive. I can now get 740 shots off a 4GB card. So it works!

All the best, and I must use mine a bit more often!


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