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Re: Thom on D800 lens choice

Nothing new here then...primes, generally offer better image quality and speed over zooms, and, fast lenses are more expensive but offer the ability to work in low-light...

I have just commented on another thread:
regarding Zeiss / Nikkor.

I am now going to make myself even more unpopular.... Almost all photographers would benefit from using a single prime lens...

By using a prime you are generally getting a lens with less distortion and greater light gathering ability.

All zooms are a compromise - even the Tr-Elmar !

By striving for faster lenses, other areas of image quality will suffer...

A prime will remove another decision - you either move forward or back to get the framing...

By using one lens for months, or longer, you will learn more about photography and improve in ways that would surprise you.

I have witnessed many, many students, amateurs and more than a few professional photographers struggle with Auto-focus related issues... is it doing what you want it to do ? do you understand how to get the most out of the system ?

The more energy you have to use thinking about anything other than the subject is a waste of time and energy and will not help in making better images.

Use a single prime for a few months, and use manual exposure and only set white balance to match you main light-source... no auto-WB After-all, photography is very simple... a camera and lens still only have apertures, shutter speed and focus... and DSLR you now can change the recording sensitivity / colour balance...

Learning to expose correctly is not rocket science... learning the correlation between shutter and aperture, and the photographic effects will make recording the images YOU want easier and more fun...

I am rambling... again... Cameras come & go, lenses should be considered a long-term investment...

One last thought, the Zeiss 21mm Distagon and the Macro-Planars are generally accepted as being the very best... After using the new Zeiss 25mm f2.0 Distagon for a few short weeks, I am confident in saying that it may well prove to be the best lens Zeiss offer...


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