Canon shadow noise. C'mon Canon, catch up!

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon blown highlights. C'mon Nikon, catch up?

CarVac wrote:

The Sony sensor is really quite a lot better. My friend has a D7000 and the files are extremely malleable. It's not that there is no shadow noise, but rather you can raise dark shadows more. Expose-to-the-right only works so much when the scene has a wide dynamic range: trying to hold clouds and shadows does NOT work on my 60D.

Exactly. And hence the disappointment upon seeing how poorly the 5D3 fared when DPR raised the shadows in the D800 review. You'd be brave to argue that this isn't a sign of things to come on the 60D / 7D replacement.

It's not like Canon shooters don't have any advantages with their choice of equipment, but this is one definite disadvantage.

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