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However, what you see here is very little of Nikon users talking of the superiority of the D800,

I actually saw many pure Nikon shooters or some dual-system owners but without owning any cameras in 1D/5D series jumped in this Canon forum to boast D800.

Like who, for instance?

Tomboy, for one:

His posting history is overwhelmingly in the Nikon forum, until the last few months.

Bad choice. I was on tomboy's case before you:

and if you bother to read the posts, rather than just looking at the forums, you find tomboy is a 5DII owner, with as much of a history trolling the Nikon forums as the Canon ones. If he's a troll, he's an all round troll, not a Nikon one, but I think he's just confused.

Actually, I don't believe he has a 5D2, or if he does, he acquired it after the 5D3 and D800 came out. I called him out on his lack of knowledge of the operating system of the 5D2 some time ago, for which he made some lame excuses.

Most of, if not all of, his nastiness is reserved for this forum. He's really quite livable over on the Nikon forum.
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