Goslings with the 100-300mm

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Re: Goslings with the 100-300mm

hey, if you think I am harsh, wait 'till you hear rabid EM-5 crowd

jalywol wrote:

Triggr Happy wrote:

Sorry to rain on your parade, but these will only boost EM-5 "superiority".

Why would you want to show off GH-2 and 100-300 with EX tele and digital zoom when you know that this combo produces severely compromised results?

Top it off with sharpening that you applied to compensate for probably not so sharp focus...
Really wish you didn't post these... x-(

My goodness! This is about the GOSLINGS, not the GH2 or any other camera, for that matter!

If you are being serious, all I can say is, geez, get a life. If not, then you might want to work on your humor a little bit.


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