What's A57 advantages over A65?

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Re: What's A57 advantages over A65?

tbcass wrote:

KingDon wrote:

We know A65 has the OLED EVF and the 24 MP sensor, and GPS, but A57 should have some advantages too?

let's list them

(1) $200 cheaper
(2) Larger buffer due to the 16 MP sensor

Same size buffer but the larger file sizes from the A65 eat up buffer space faster.

That'a exactly what I meant, but the end result is the same: burst rate is better/deeper on A57

(3) 12 fps 8 MP with 1.4 crop
(4) A few new software features, like "portrait" and the "clear" zoom.

I wouldn't call the clear zoom feature an advantage because all it is doing is cropping and resizing which gives no extra true resolution but makes the file sizes bigger. It's a pretty useless feature IMO.

The theory is that that it's not simple resizing. "The theory is that it intelligently interpolates between pixels as it up-sizes. By comparing each image element to a database of patterns it can attempt to add more detail than simple upscaling would allow."

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