g2 + 14-140 for Trips???

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
jalywol Veteran Member • Posts: 8,692
Re: g2 + 14-140 for Trips???

ryan2007 wrote:

I have two suggestions. First keep your DSLR and update a lens for that system. You already know that camera so less learning curve.

He has the 18-200mm Nikon and a D80, and has said the system is too heavy, and the lens creeps. He also already owns and uses the G2 . Obviously there is no learning curve for the G2 at this point, as it is not new to him.

14-45 & 45-200. I advise looking at the area it will help to know if a telephoto lens is not useful, however that 45-200 can double as a portrait lens and help fill the frame. Look at the 7-14 & 14-45 combo.

He's looking for a one lens travel solution. This is not a one lens travel solution.

These are perfectly acceptable solutions to completely different questions than the OP posted......


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