If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

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Re: If I buy my 1st SLR today, I may not pick a Canon

Timbukto wrote:

Sorry but NEX lenses are garbage.

That isn't to say that a Sony + Sigma combo isn't a great solution...it appears to be a cost-effective but limited solution if you choose to shoot at those fixed focal lengths.

A lot of guys/girls are buying NEX for status symbols and its cool factor. Quality lenses are last thing on their minds as its kit lenses turns out great photos anyways [even Dpreview agrees with new NEX's IQ]. But for the professionals (and enthusiasts) invested in $$$$ lens gears, it is not even worth a 2nd consideration. I know I would never sell my dslr + lenses now for the new NEX, I actually would feel like I'm going backwards.

MFT system has only really been competitive with the last OM-D release...the previous 12mp sensors were no match, and the GH2 sensor was pretty good but t2i/t3i still better for stills, GH2 good for video. The Oly 45mm 1.8 prime looks pretty amazing.

The size of the sensor of MFT will always be the limiting factor. And as some have pointed out, dslr and the companies that makes them must be a step ahead of the competing systems to stay alive or become extinct. Maybe one day we will get a full-size frame dslr for price/size of NEX thanks to competition from NEX and MFTs. Maybe parts of Sony NEX's technology that works well will be incorporated into future dslr's because technology always wins out in the end and those holding on to the past, will go the way of dinosaurs. But right now, the only appeal Sony has is its slicker size and faster AF capability due to its translucent mirror technology. Canon/Nikon knows this and they will have to come up with a response (better technology or copy them) at some point or lose their lion shares very fast. But for now, I still think Sony NEX is too pricey for what you get, especially if you can find very capable dslrs dirt cheap. Lens is everything, even if NEX accepts adaptors/converters, its like going to a junkyard trying to piece together what you can get with untested results rather than getting exactly what you want . And adding an adapter for each type of mount introduces more complications for a camera that suppose to make it more convenient. I would rather spend the extra cash on a great lens or a pocket-able advanced P&S at this point.

On the Canon front I get great support even international, and good reliability (look at the latest 7D digitalrev abuse video!). And I get what is arguably the finest APS-C fast zoom in existence with the 17-55 2.8. Sigma 17-50 2.8 is a contender if you get one with spot on AF.

This is finally what won me over with Canon. Their reliability and product support is 2nd to none. I think if Canon made the NEX, I'd be more likely to buy it based on their reputation. But Sony's product reliability has been a roller-coaster ride for me. Except for their expensive TV's, ultra-portable laptops and advanced P&S cameras that I've invested usually end up broken or sold for parts way before their service life. Maybe bad luck but I feel they are more interested in whistles and bells rather than selling a long-lasting product. And getting them to service their products is a challenge itself and often, it cost less to buy a new competing product than to repair it. When I handled NEX in the store, I get horrible flashbacks of ton of money in the sinkhole.

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