Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

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Re: Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

studio311 wrote:

Which is $250 per month?! Aphotofolio isn't $250 per month. It's 4 x $250, paid over 4 months = $1000 set up fee. It's $17 per month. If you compare this with Photoshelter, there isn't the big set up fee but the monthly fees are over 4-5 years, your total costs are the same.

right... my mistake - and livebooks looks to be $1200 in the first year. Not an unreasonable amount. The two sites look very full screen flash rich...though a bit slow loading on my 30" monitor on the livebooks site I was doing last, and lots of creativity in the delivery... though perhaps very dependent on delivering a few high imact pics at first. For my market, aimed at art/illustration buyers... I want visitors to get some intial impact, but quickly navigate to a gallery that's geared to their particular market asap. I don't doubt that either site can do that... but the zenfolio format works well, so I'm not feeling jealous of those sites.

How do Aphotofolio and livebooks do on iPad? That's key, as illustration ADs all have them now. I also do NOT want to have a special app for visitors to get a great site... they need to be able to get a great mobile experience without having to download special software.

I was with Zenfolio...then photo shelter...and now aphotofolio. My way was the painful approach, but it's your choice to make the same mistakes I made or not.

What was it about those sites that were not doing for you specifically, that you are now getting?

Zenfolio, etc...their so called SEO does wonderful things for promoting Zenfolio, for example, but damn near nothing for YOU.

I wonder if that is changing. Motion and video seem to be later additions to zenfolio, and they now have little SEO tags on all their title and keyword fields for each image. It seems to be a very rapidly evolving area, and it makes sense that web site creation would be one of the first places that web-based apps could actually be preferable to traditional web building software applications.

With these sites, you DO get what you pay for...if you truly need** a pro site. I highly recommend you simply see what your competition or peers are using...and be at least at that level. You want your site to be better than your competition's site...yes?

sort of - I want my work to be better than my competition's the eyes of my potential clients, and I need to get that across clearly and simply. Portfolio sites are pretty specific in what they need to do... I very quickly forget the overall organization specifics on a site once I'm there looking at pictures... I tend to notice it only when I can't easily get to the next picture I want to see, and then I'm annoyed.

Good luck to you....


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