And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

If you think the Ricoh forum is slow, you should drop by the Casio forum some time. In about 2005 that forum really flew along with a reasonably sized group of dedicated posters. Guys like Bart Hickman were creating presets for others to use and there was even a programmer or two who wrote their own preset-making programs.

A lot of us had the Z750 and/or the Z850 which were packed with interesting features and offered surprisingly good image quality. Now the front page of the forum has threads that are six months old!

I suspect that there are a few reasons why the Casio forum turned into a ghost town. One is that many of the posters bought bigger / better cameras, with all the attendant attractions. Bart Hickman bought himself a Fuji F30 and never looked back. Another guy got himself a Pentax DSLR; I think he now shoots a Sony NEX. I got a Canon 30D and that lead to crazy gear buying. Another reason is that the Z750 and Z850 were the last of Casio's well-specced cameras. Image quality and features went downhill after that, so there were less people interested in Casio.

Fortunately, Ricoh is enough of a niche for it to be different. The GXR is typically not the camera of someone who will 'trade up' to a DSLR, it's often the camera that people use when they don't want to carry a DSLR. I suspect that we get more DSLR refugees here than we think. The GRD cameras will continue to gain their followers or upgraders due to the fantastic shooting experience and image quality they produce.
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