"How much" graphics card for P-shop CS 6, LR 4, for Nikon D3 user with RAW files?

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Re: Will Quadro Cards give you 30 bit color with Photoshop now?

kelpdiver wrote:

those docs are over a year old. CS6 is a different game. Windows 7 + DP + 10bit gfx/monitor and you're good to go.

I'm not so sure. I know that you can get 10 bit per channel color with Premiere Pro and some of the other Adobe products with Nvidia Quadro Cards. For that matter, CUDA was better supported in earlier CS5 versions of Premiere Pro with the Mercury Playback Engine, too.

But, we're discussing still images, not video, as the OP's camera won't even shoot video.

I haven't seen anything confirming 10 bit per channel color for still image processing using CS6 with Nvidia cards yet.

If CS6 supported it, you'd think that Nvidia would be advertising it, and I haven't seen anything like that yet other than for video editing (and that was already supported in CS 5 and 5.5 with Quadro cards with drivers supporting 10 bis per channel color). But, it wasn't supported for still image processing in CS5 and I haven't seen anything suggesting CS6 supports Quadro cards yet for 10 bit per channel color yet either.

The only thing I've seen confirmed about 10 bit per channel color for still images with Photoshop has been using Firepro Cards (which have worked since CS4, when Nvidia cards did not work in CS4 or CS5; and I'd question if they are working in CS6 yet, too).

Very few apps support 10 bits per channel color, even if the card manufucturers have drivers for it. IOW, the apps have to be written to take advantage of those drivers, and AFAIK, Photoshop only works with Firepro cards if you want 10 bits per channel color for still image editing, unless something has changed with CS6.

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