Goslings with the 100-300mm

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Goslings with the 100-300mm

Out for a visit to my favorite marsh again today.

This year, there seemed to be a singular lack of geese and ducks nesting there compared to last year, in part because the marshes were seriously disturbed by Hurricane Irene last fall. Still, I figured I'd see if there was anybody interesting there today.

For the first 20 minutes or so, I just saw a few ducks and not much else. I did see a muskrat swimming near the shore, but I missed his photo since he came by just after I had switched from the long lens to the 12mm for some wide angle shots.

Just as I was about to leave, I looked down the waterway and lo and behold, there were three goose families making their way towards where I was; undoubtedly to see if I was going to toss them some food. Two of the pairs each had a small number of goslings, but one pair had 14 babies!

I don't feed wild geese; first of all it is not a good habit for them to get into, and secondly they can be really nasty, especially when there are young to protect....and these guys proved that point. They started coming up the bank towards me, and as they approached, papa goose started the hissing goose warning thing. I had no intention of interacting with them (that's what long zooms are for, right?), so I kept backing out of their way, but they kept trying to approach me (and hissing to keep me away at the same time!)

I managed to get around to the other side of the car (the river bank is right on the edge of a parking lot), and avoid further interaction with them, while still getting some shots.

All of these except the last one were taken with the GH2 and 100-300mm. Most of them were taken with the EX Tele Zoom and 2x digital zoom; a couple were taken with the Ex Tele zoom and the 4x digital zoom, (the 2x setting is ok, but there is significant degradation of quality with the 4x digital zoom). Of course, I had not bothered to take the monopod out, so I am sure I could have had sharper images if I had....however, given that, I think these were pretty impressive for hand held equivalent focal lengths of between 400 and 1200mm!

Anyway, enjoy the goslings. Seeing them there really made my day, I hope you get as big a kick out of them as I did.


(Yes, I know, the first two are ducks and not geese )

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