Former Micro 4/3 skeptic, E-M5 changes all that

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All we're saying... that you lose credibility when you make mistakes like you made. That's the "constructive" criticism. I actually DO NOT disagree with you as I bought a E-M5 as well after looking at the NEX-7, GH2, GX1, Fuji X-Pro 1 and Nikon 1 system.

You can take or leave the advice. It's free, man.

TonyJuliano wrote:

I'm not a "reviewer", and I'm sure I went out of my way to state that in my post. My BLOG is not a camera review site, which I also made abundantly clear. My only intention was to give my personal rational for making the choice I did.

And yes, as stated, I handled every one of those cameras prior to receiving my E-M5.

You will also note that I made every effort possible to not criticize any of the others in consideration. They are all great cameras, and that is why each and every one was being evaluated before my final choice was made. None of these cameras are perfect, all are outstanding in their own ways (I feel I also made that abundantly clear).

I tend to write in bursts, sometimes "jumping" back and forth, as opposed to a more linear flow. I wrote this particular piece, after many months of trying even more models than I had mentioned. The down-side is this is that I lost track of my thoughts (as we all do), confusing a feature (or more precisely, the lack thereof) of one model with many others in my search.

In the end, I was trying to convey the rational for making the choice I did. Given my requirements, I feel that this choice was correct.

How about giving up some constructive reasons why you don't agree with my thoughts. This would be a great service to anyone looking through here, as opposed to the continued harping on an innocent oversight that has already been swiftly rectified.

Unfortunately, some people (and it seems as though their are many on this particular board) construe any disagreement with their own particular view as an affront to their manhood, or "calling their baby ugly", as it may be known.

In the end, I hope that others may benefit from the exhaustive search I did in order to rectify my problem. This was, and still is, my only wish.

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