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Re: EVF/Display interaction


There is a saying among product development managers - "if your customers want the rope to go hang themselves, don't ask why, just give it to them". In the case of the Olympus user interface, they not only do so, but sadistically make it the default option.

Great hardware product, absolutely lousy software interface.

Hopefully the hints below will help in a small way.

SeeRoy wrote:

I'm afraid I didn't really manage to digest the content of the previous 5 pages so apologies for repetition or misunderstanding. Every time I pick the camera up (4th day now) there seems to be some new oddity about its functioning - changes that I don't recall making directly... but.

The info/ok buttons in display mode switching confuse the hell out of me. I end up stabbing away at random until I get what I'm after (or give up). However I've noticed repeatedly that if, for example, I need to see the histogram in the evf (which I do, since the camera/12-50 lens consistently underexpose by up to 1 stop) I have to make it visible on the rear panel: it then appears in the EVF.

The user interface allows you to enable multiple control screens (where you can set parameters) and multiple info screens (where you get information).

a) If you press INFO repeatedly while shooting (without pressing OK), you will cycle through the different informational displays. One will show just the image, another will overlay the histogram, the next will show the level and so on.

b) Now if you had pressed OK first, you get the first control screen. There are 3 control screens available and you can have more than one enabled. This is completely redundant as sometimes they show the same content, but it is what it is. Pressing INFO now cycles you through the control screens (not the INFO screens).

Here's where the rope comes in. You can configure which control displays to cycle through separately for each mode on the dial ( P/A/S/M, iAuto, Art and Scene) It is extremely confusing to remember which you had configured for each mode, so I suspect most people just set them the same or cycle through options until they find what they need.

My recommendations -

1) Hit the MENU button, go down to the Gear menu and then to option D. Then under "control settings", enable the Live SCP option and disable others. Thats the only one you really need.

2) Back off one level by pressing MENU, then under "info settings", go to "LV-Info" and enable the info displays you want.

3) There is one more thing. In the Gear menu, go to option J for the built in EVF. Here you need to configure the INFO screens you want on the EVF. The settings under option D, only apply to the LCD.

4) Oh, by the way, to add more slack to the rope - if you don't see the Gear option when you hit MENU, go down to the Spanner option and hit the "Menu Display" option. You need to enable the Gear menu first. Why The F would someone need an option like that !

No amount of button stabbing whilst I'm looking into the evf will induce the histogram to appear. If I take the camera away from my eye and stab irritably at ok/info until the histogram appears on the rear display, there it is in the EVF. Maybe I'm not understanding the (to me) hideously non-intuitive behaviour but this can't be called a well designed interface.

I was yelling aaaaaargh before I figured it out.

And is there some mode (which I've never set) that enables shutter release by some method other than the shutter button (other than the timer)? Twice this evening the camera fired whilst I was handling it and massaging the "SCP".

Yes. The LCD is a touch screen. So if you have that enabled, touching it will result in a shutter action. Hit MENU, Gear, Option K Utility and then set "Touch Screen Settings" to OFF.

Or alternately, on the LCD, there is a green hand inside a square on the left edge. Touch it to change the touch control. Options are OFF, touch to focus and touch to click.

Also the default file numbering setting permits creation of duplicate file numbers! This had me scratching my head after shooting some tests and reformatting the card. Potentially disastrous.

I had not realized that. Good catch.

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