Fuji lens hood vs JJC hood

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji lens hood vs JJC hood

Here's a question. I ordered the JJC from Lensmate and I can't figure this one out. The adapter ring has three tabs that the hood mounts to, in a triangular pattern around the ring. From every picture I have seen, and with just common sense, when the adapter ring screws on two tabs should be towards the bottom, one on the lower left, one on the lower right, with the third tab at the top. This way, when you attach the hood the solid area on the hood that is between the slits (that fits over the tabs) will not be visible through the viewfinder.

Yet, with mine, no matter how I screw on the adapter ring the two tabs that should be on the bottom are actually on the top, so now when I attach the hood part of the solid area between the slits is visible through the viewfinder.

Is this just a manufacturing mistake, am I just an idiot putting it on wrong? Or am I wrong on how it should be on there as far as where the tabs line up with the lens and viewfinder?

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