The Art of Focus

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Re: The Art of Focus

sweetsonic wrote:

So, another thread about the number of focus points made me do some research and I need some expertise from the pros here.

I've heard a lot about "focus & recompose" methods of autofocus. So far, I've mostly used AF-S and manually selected my focus point (for still subjects, landscapes) or chosen Auto-Area for portraits. I don't really do sports, but I do want to be able to take good candid portraits and the like. So does the focus and recompose method really work? Do you normally keep focus on your center point and then frame/compose the image? I just don't see how you could get accurate focus with that. I'm most concerned with learning how to focus quickly on non-moving or slowly moving people...

tips and tricks please

I've been using the AF-On button to activate focus separately from the shutter button. This combined with AF-C and dynamic 9 or 21 point mode have given me excellent results with the D7000 and now the D4. For subjects at the far corners of the frame, I've been doing a little bit of Focus-and-Recompose, as the D4's autofocus sensors do not cover as wide an area as the D7000's.

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