5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
Tizzio Senior Member • Posts: 2,084
I agree...

Without a pair of eagle's eyes...out from those web shots its impossible to see the real difference in resolution from the two cameras.... I prefer Canon's color tonality, may be its my imagination tho...

Thanks for the test anyways.

rwbaron wrote:

Do you truly believe you could say that if the images weren't labeled? You're drawing that conclusion from the small res screen shots and haven't even seen the RAW files?

You have an amazing eye (or imagination ;))


TheAe wrote:

I hate to to say it, but the D800 thiumps the MarkIII's sensor. Makes you wonder again why Canon chose just 22mp's. More resolution is better from these shots.

Any way we can view full res shots?

For further explanation, I see that the D800 is spreading light to compliment faces (or the background in the later portrait shot.) Are ALO and D-Lighting on both on?

Nice test.

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