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KilroyWasHere wrote:

I remember being in the streets of Salzburg with my Minolta SRT 201 with a 45mm lens and having to switch to my 80-200mm lens to capture a close up of a statue. A few minutes later seeing an architecture image I wanted to capture switching lens to my 28mm wide angle. Then switching back to my 45mm for street scene. Meanwhile my wife, sister and her boyfriend are about a block and a half ahead of me because I am constantly stopping to switch lens to capture an image. Needless to say I heard about it later.

Now that I am older and slightly wiser I have learned that the more you take with you the more you are going to be second guessing yourself and switching lens to capture that image that is in your minds eye. None of the images from that day were that amazing or even something I look at today. They were at best average.

If you are going someplace with the intention to strictly photograph the place and nothing else than take everything. Go out at the best times to capture the sunrise, sunset or magical blue hour, scout out locations and camera angles. But if you are on vacation than take a camera body and at most two lenses. Anticipate what you are going to be experiencing that day and put on the best lens you have with you for that style and go out and enjoy the day. Make a memory with your loved ones. And as far as your camera is concerned make it work with what you have on the camera at the time. Believe me you will probably come back with a couple of amazing images that may make it into your top 100 if not the top 25, and the rest will just document that you where there.

Solid advise. Have been in the same situation. Maybe even worst. In the films days, I had three cameras dangling from my neck with slide, color, and black and white films, plus the extra lenses. Now that I am older and have learned a thing or two, I carry just the D90 with Nikon 18-200 VR and a 35mm 1.8. No bags, no extra lenses. And I have the best time with my family on vacations. Picture quality? Sure it could have been better but everyone in the family loves them.


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