5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

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Re: 5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

Peter 13 wrote:

Did you do it? I was not talking about resolution or bokeh. BTW, the second set looks better with the Nikon.
Sometime we (me included)

cannot see the forest behind the trees.


I agree that Canon generally has nicer skin tones, but I personally wouldn't have been able to tell which was which in a blind test (looking at comparisons scales to the same res).

I certainly couldn't tell what camera was used to take any of those pics if they were shown to me individually.

To a trained eye, it seems the D800 had more magenta, which works to it's advantage dime of the time (as you pointed out in the last set) and not in others.

If we were to show these comparisons to our wives, they'd roll their eyes and insist we get out more.

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