If Nikon plans to sell 7 million DSLRs in 2012...

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Re: D5200 and D7100 are not likely in 2012, 2. gen Nikon 1 is

bobn2 wrote:

SNRatio wrote:

thomas2279f wrote:

Throw in the D5200 & D7100 plus 2nd gen of V1 & J1... not sure on the D400 replacement ? - will the D600 become the upgrade to the D300s ?

Canon will launch the 7D successor. A D400 will be a necessary answer to that, a D7100 won't.

That depends what the D7100 is, doesn't it? If the D7100 gets the 51 Point AF, and 2 more FPS (which it could get if it didn't have to make room for a D400), a magnesium baseplate to match the top and back, the it will look very attractive against a 7DII, even if that 7DII gets the new 61 point AF. What's more prospective 7D users will be eying the D600, and thinking (some of them) 'I could have FF for the same money'. So, between the two they could put a very effective squeeze on the 7DII.

Sure, and what you sketch might even be the most likely scenario: Kind of "poor man's pro DX", hard to beat on price/features. But I have a feeling that Nikon still needs to differentiate - in hindsight, the D7000 wasn't the merging of the D300 and D90 lines as it might seem at first. And maybe it's just my own wishes, but ever since the D7000 was launched, I have waited for a D300 update with such sensor qualities (D7000/D5100) - and then some. And I'm clearly not alone in that.

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