5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
bgbs Veteran Member • Posts: 3,195
If you asked me

I liked the skin tone rendition better on the Nikon. At first I thought I was looking at Canon files, but then, wait, these are Nikon. I'm for real. What I mean to say is that skin tones business is pretty much all subjective.

I never cared for "I like Canon, I like Nikon" skin tone arguments, because those usually amount to lack of camera or software knowledge. What you should be looking for more is color depth, which is smooth color gradient from light to dark. Scientifically (DXOmark) and on the field tests have established that Nikon's D800 sensor lends smoother light to dark color transition than Canon due to higher DR.

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