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Re: Talking about giants

FDecker wrote:

This is just your point of view. I see nothing authoritarian in my post. It is inapproriate to say that solid state physicist are authoritarian. And for sure not true.

Don't put words in my mouth I haven't written. You know this environment for sure better than I do, I just stated that my limited experience showed this type of thinking in few of them.

This is simple and plain prejudice. Show this thread to one of them (you seem to know some) and let them tell you something about Einstein's importance to the physical world. By the way, you don't see a flaw in your argumentation. You say that some other physicists are better suited to talk about Einstein. But you are accusing me for being authoritarian because I mention that a physicist may be better suited to talk about Einstein than someone with no background in physics??? Cool!


None of them would be interested in such forum.

We're discussing Einstein and imagination connection, not his importance to physical world.

You used your degree to back up your harsh statement. I think that whenever someone knows ANY subject well he/she knows there is no use for harsh, definite words.

And even input from half-educated guys have its value.

It is obvious that a physicist will provide a better quality input into einstein-imagination discussion than a person without any physics background.

I think the things we're discussing can be judged best by people trained in large scale observation and thinking - and cosmology operates mostly on large scale.

There is not more faith needed than for anything else. It is a physical theory. It uses some axioms and has a mathematical apperatus to work with. And it is able to explain most experimental results found so far.

The main difference is that while relativity produces some paradoxes when non-casual situations are imagined, QM is funded upon counterintuitive results of experiments. Now tell me that acceptance of this fact doesn't involve more faith from the very begining.

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