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Re: OP is right. There are no Canon Trolls in the Nikon Forums

qianp2k wrote:

And you said you don't own Nikon digital camera but you have D2X photos in your gallery.

I have, but they were not taken by me. They were taken by 'Chato' of these forums and were part of a discussion about ISOless technique. You'll notice that I use the DPR galleries mostly to illustrate discussion rather than as a repository for my photos. I keep those elsewhere.

You lost credibility anyway.

Did I now? Or maybe you did, for a ludicrously bad piece of detective work, jumping to conclusions when the way I use the DPR galleries is obvious from the content.

You are busy in many forums not just Canon but Nikon and others.

Indeed I am, anywhere where I can make a contribution or have an interesting discussion.

I am wondering who you really are?

That is not at all hard to find out.

bobn2 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I have a reason to believe bobn2 is a Nikon paid spy #002, a professional blogger instead of photog

Again, let us see your evidence.

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