Why Rear curtain Sync is not Default?

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Re: It is a very good question...

Barry Davis - You are doing a great job of trying to correct a myth!

I posted this elsewhere, based on Canon implementation:

Canon’s programming of 2SC requires certain settings:

• Can be in E-TTL or Manual flash modes
• Must be in a Creative mode
• Not in Multi (stroboscopic) or HS sync
• Shutter of 1/60th sec through to Bulb
• Not in Wireless mode (and therefore no group functions available)

There are also shoot requirements:

• Low light
• Subject moving across frame (not camera panning)
• Subject has light source or reflectance showing in ambient light portion
• Subject and not background significantly lit by main flash

One variation of Canon is that the Pixel King trigger permits off-camera flashes using its own "wireless" radio mode.

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