Leica should develop a cheaper body!!!!!

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Re: Depends if there's a market for it....

I owned and loved a Leitz Minolta CL too. With the 40 and the 90, it was a wonderfully compact system capable of outstanding results. Yeah, there were coating issues with the 28 mm lens, the silvering in the rangefinder wasn't forever, and the semaphore arm and meter cell were a little finicky. Mine was stolen before those problems arose.

Wasn't the CL Wetzlar's first reaction to the Japanse SLRs and compacts eroding their sales? And, as noted elsewhere it did siphon sales of the largely unloved M5 (although I have one of those ungainly beasts now and enjoy it very much). If sales of their curent digital offerings start to swoon, why wouldn't they take the same approach as they did with the CL? It's better to sell something, if nothing else to provide a vehicle to sell your lenses.

I'd buy a full format sensor digital CL in a heartbeat for $2K or less.

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