Best way to 400-500MM for under $2k

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Re: Best way to 400-500MM for under $2k

SergioSpain wrote:

Not really... notice the speeds at which he took those shots, all at or below 1/320. If you use those speeds to shoot sports you will very likely have motion blur. Also, focus speed will suffer at such narrow apertures, and you won't get any bokeh, which will make your shots look typical (close in, but typical). I've gotten lots of great soccer pics with a 70-200 2.8 lens. You won't get the shots at the other end of the field, but you'll be able to get plenty of shots when the action is within about 30 yards (actually, if you're using the D7000, even farther out). I would rather get 20 good quality shots than 100 so-so shots taken all the way across the field.

Sorry, disagree completely. No reason to match his shutter speeds for a totally different subject- I get great shots with the 70-300 at what would be equivalent aperture at equivalent FL. Both f/5.6@300mm. The Bigma would likely be a good deal sharper there than the 70-300, with AF maybe a tad slower. 70-200, even on crop sensor, is insufficient on a full-sized soccer field. Another dad on my daughters team has a D300 and 70-200VRII. We've swapped occasionally and I would not trade it for my 70-300 for soccer. For other uses, sure.

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