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EVF/Display interaction

I'm afraid I didn't really manage to digest the content of the previous 5 pages so apologies for repetition or misunderstanding. Every time I pick the camera up (4th day now) there seems to be some new oddity about its functioning - changes that I don't recall making directly... but.

The info/ok buttons in display mode switching confuse the hell out of me. I end up stabbing away at random until I get what I'm after (or give up). However I've noticed repeatedly that if, for example, I need to see the histogram in the evf (which I do, since the camera/12-50 lens consistently underexpose by up to 1 stop) I have to make it visible on the rear panel: it then appears in the EVF.

No amount of button stabbing whilst I'm looking into the evf will induce the histogram to appear. If I take the camera away from my eye and stab irritably at ok/info until the histogram appears on the rear display, there it is in the EVF. Maybe I'm not understanding the (to me) hideously non-intuitive behaviour but this can't be called a well designed interface.

And is there some mode (which I've never set) that enables shutter release by some method other than the shutter button (other than the timer)? Twice this evening the camera fired whilst I was handling it and massaging the "SCP".

Also the default file numbering setting permits creation of duplicate file numbers! This had me scratching my head after shooting some tests and reformatting the card. Potentially disastrous.

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