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Draek wrote:

brianj wrote:

and apparently camera companies as well that the average person wants interchangeable lenses,

Market research, sales figures.

I certainly don't.

Then you're outside the norm. No biggie, most of us are so in at least one market.

My view is that the companies want to push us all to interchangeable lenses because that is where the followup money comes from. Well I'm not buying that deal.

Well, no. They push it because it sells better. Remember how many companies tried to avoid building interchangeable-lens mirrorless cameras out of concerns of putting their own SLR lines in danger? they certainly weren't in any rush to push people towards that format, yet it still happened.

I would like a small camera with a 1/1.7 BSI-CMOS sensor with no more than 16mp and about 24-240mm fixed lens. Is that too much to ask for from this season's new models.

Given your comment about the G1X being too large, yeah, it is. The Samsung EX1 has a 1/1.7" sensor with a lens starting out at 24mm and see how large it is, even though its lens is only 72mm at telephoto; extending that to 240mm would make it far larger and into something approaching the Canon SX40 in size, most likely.

Besides, what do you want a 1/1.7" sensor for, anyways? I can understand it for the high-quality optics of the EX1 or the Olympus XZ-1, but if you're sticking a 10x 24-240mm zoom in front of it you might as well get a 1/2.3" camera and enjoy the size and weight benefits.

I agree, and have been checking out the SX240HS, it has more zoom than I need but I can ignore that, and its very small size is what I really want.


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