16gb memory card for canon 300d

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Re: 16gb memory card for canon 300d

"For that reason I recommend 2GB as the maximum on that camera"

I have an old (obviously) 300D and 1D. When I first got the 1D, I tried a 4GB CF, but the memory “stopped” at 2GB. Now I have read that if one reformats the memory card (??), the camera will work with a larger card.

Assuming this is true, is it the same with a 300D? Also, since this post to which I am responding is quite old and faster cards are more readily available now, do you still think that 2GB is the maximum size for adequate quality? If not, what size would you recommend to make the camera instead of the card the limiting factor?

My main subject is my son’s hockey college team – well, actually my son – so I want to be able to take advantage of the camera’s continuous drive function. I know that the DPR comparison grid gives the 300D 2.5 f/s with a 4 frame buffer, and the 1D 3 f/s with a 9 frame buffer, but the 1D seems soooo much faster. I assume that the difference in speed is because of the buffer. Can a high speed card compensate for a small buffer?

What about a SD> CF converter? Would that appreciably impact the effect of the buffer? I already have a lot of large, high speed SD cards. A poster in another thread said the SD> CD converter makes no difference in speed, but he was specifically talking about a 5Dmk2 with a specific brand adaptor. May I assume that those results can be generalized? Or does anyone know of an adapter brand that works especially well with the 300D (or 1D)?

These are my specific questions, but if anyone has any other relevant thoughts, I would appreciate those, too.


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