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My apologies

I've found one (maybe) Nikon owner posting unnecessary pro D800 threads in this forum. Here:

where tomboy, who claims to be a dual system user, is posting evidence of the D800's low light ability. Completely irrelevant to this forum, and he shouldn't be doing it.
However, it is interesting to see the history:
In this thread he says:
'will it ever end those say d800 not made for high iso from canon form'

So, I went back through his posting history to see if he was a Nikon troll. Well, interestingly on Feb 13th ( a week after announcement of the D800) he was posting on the Nikon forum

As of now the Canon 5d Mark3 with 22 million pixels having 7 frames a second

AT FULL FRME// i expect a lot better low noise from 5dmark3 than what the d800 provides at ISO 3200 and 6400
also canon 5d mark3 will have improved auto focusing than 5dmark2 as well

i wished Nikon d800 was 22 million pixels with same 8 frames a second with grip with same low noise as d700 ..
i have both Nikon and canon
i am not sold in Nikon d800 low noise at iso 3200 and 6400
that was my biggest concern
and i am not one to carry two camera around with me

i feel the canon 5dmark3 will do most what i wantbut my heart with nikon for handing a camera...
Just wondering how many TEND to buy canon 5dmark3 than d800

Here he is being told off for trolling on the Nikon forum
http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1021&message=40607109 )
Here he is on this forum before the 5DIII or D800 was announced

For Canon 5DMark3 if OCCURS ends up 18mp to 22 mp to complete against the
Nikon D800 36 mp having only 4 frames a second ff and 6 dx size i do not like

as well able only to get up to ISO 1600 to get half decent result were as Nikon D700 i did own provides very good ISO 6400 and able to get 8 frames a second with grip
if i need the extra fps


and being put straight by Mikael Risedal

IF it is at 36MP, and IF they have used IMX071 as a base (D7000: correct pixel size for 36MPFX) is the almost 0.5Ev better than the D700 at high ISO. At least 2EV better at base ISO.

and here is tomboy telling the Nikon forum how rubbish the D800 would be

I expect many will likely not use the 36 million pixel other than want very large prints done from ISO 100 setting


You know, this isn't a Nikon troll, just a very confused person.

Actually, this little trawl through the trolls drew up some interesting history. Here's RVPhotoTraveller (probably one of your Nikon trolls) showing that he is consistent:
PLEASE CANON, I Beg of You ! - 5D3 / 3D with 40 MP\ / 4K Video\ / PRO AF

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