V1 - worth buying?

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Re: V1 - worth buying?

olyflyer wrote:

Jord wrote:

Thanks for the input everyone and as mentioned I would not consider a camera without a viewfinder - I just can't use them!

I totally agree with you. As long as I will buy cameras I will buy the ones with integrated VF.

I think I'll invest in the kit via Amazon and as mentioned Amazon have a very good return policy and on top of that they have a good discount!

Thank you again for all your opinions both negative and positive.

Good luck, whatever you do. I am pretty sure the OMD is a nice camera also, in fact it is the first mirrorless Olympus worth buying in my opinion, but it is larger and more expensive than the V1 kit. However, if it is the only camera you are planning to have then maybe the Oly is worth having a serious look at. Whatever you do, don't buy it without the 12-50. It is THE lens made for the OMD.

Oh oh, the next thing we'll be reading is how Olyflyer sold all of his N1 equipment and bought a OMD!



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