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Whose rules?

qianp2k wrote:

I agree most those threads started with Canon owners or used-to-be Canon owners but I did see some pure Nikon owners jumped into the threads in this forum either rebuttal or actually boast their Nikon gears. I encountered myself with some of them before not only in this forum but in Canon APS-C forum (such as boasted D7000 DR in 7D/60D forum). I aware their Nikon status by checking their posting and their gears they said they owned.

You constantly trim your story. First it was Nikon users starting it, now its mostly Canon owners or used to be be Canon owners. But you've found 'some' 'pure' Nikon owners. Still non names of course, we have to take your word for it. I can think of two - one is Renato Petrus, but he is always polite, never negative and posts because he believes in common interest. Two is Bill Claff, who posted because he had used his technical skills to analyse the performance of the 5DIII, and naively though people here might be interested in real performance figures.

However I want to point two things,

a) Still inappropriate to rebuttal in foreign forums on something they believed BS posts.

Why is that? Why should the fanboys in this forum have immunity from having BS called.

Who define what are BS or not? Many of those so-called BS are disputable actually.

And if they are not BS, then the original poster will be able to successfully defend what he said by posting the supporting evidence, won't he? Of course, if he can't one would have to conclude that they were, in fact, BS. And as above, one would think that if you post BS you might expect to be called.

Otherwise there might be many BS posts in Nikon forums and our Canon owners should also go over there to hijack threads as some of them did in Canon forum?

Here we go again? Name names or you're just a blowhard. link to some of these 'BS' posts. Otherwise there is no reason to take you seriously.

b) Those used to own or might still own Canon cameras such as 5D2 who already bought Nikon cameras such as D800 should NOT go back in Canon forums to justify their purchases, and even worse by positive everything on their new Nikon camera and negative everything in their Canon gear.

I don't see a lot of that. What I do see is people defending their purchase choice in the face of a lot of BS posted by insecure fanboys. If the folk on the Nikon forum were incessantly posting about the 5DIII light leak, or going on about how inferior it was because of its DR deficit, or going on about its inferior build quality because of its plastic chassis, or claiming that the D800 focusses much faster, then I think it would be very fair for 5DIII owners to defend their choice against those calumnies, but by and large that doesn't happen, so the defence doesn't happen. While over here, the forum is full of posts doing down the D800 and people who like the D800 defending it - now just why is that?

Why they simply cannot enjoy in Nikon forums instead of provoking in Canon forums?

That is exactly what they are doing. Over on the Nikon forums people are discussing the D4, the D800 and the soon to be D600, their strengths, their weaknesses and they are bay and large not even mentioning the 5DIII and 1D X. You over here all people can find to talk about is the D800 - now just why is that?

I don’t get that. People who interested in Nikon gears can learn lots more in Nikon forums instead of reading tons of BS winning in Canon forums that doesn’t help anybody but only putting more oil into the flame.

The flame oiler is you. The bands of Nikon users over here to troll this forum is a figment of your paranoid fanboy imagination.

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