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Re: Sensor dust

Christoph Stephan wrote:

jrtrent wrote:

The industry/market seems to have a mania for focal length changes. It doesn't seem all that long ago when most casual photography hobbyists were using a variety of folding cameras, box cameras, TLR's, rangefinders and even SLR's with just a normal lens attached. I wonder how many people might get better pictures with just one focal length to use and master instead of a zoom ring with infinite possibilities.

Infinite possibilities are good. Unless you can fly, you will never get a picture of a bird in flight without a long lens. If you need a picture of a building on a narrow street, or one with a lot of ugly signs and obstacles in the way, you have to stand close and use a wide angle lens. If all your pictures are just art for art's sake, I guess you could use any lens and just take a picture of something else if a subject's position was not suitable for your lens. Some of us need or want pictures of specific things that are not always positioned on the earth for a shot with a 50mm lens.

I would think the ability to shoot without any cost implication brought a great increase in quantity at the expense of quality. People more carefully composed when they had to buy film, and the number of shots were limited. On the other hand, "costless" shooting and instant check-up of the results makes it easier to systematically improve your technique and to learn by trial and error

My film pics were never half as good as my digital ones. The ability to see over or under exposure, to see that you cut the top of a roof off while you are on site with the same light, the ability to see noise or bad focus, all make it easier to get much better pictures, not just more of them.

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