Question on Film Camera and Lenses

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Re: Question on Film Camera and Lenses

I don't have any of the lenses mentioned, so I can't comment on those.

I never had the body either, but if it's in pristine condition, even though you won't get a lot of cash for it, it's valuable in the sense that you can use it with those fabulous Pentax primes. It'd be a great buy for a film shooter.

Phixer323 wrote:

I have come across a Pentax P30t 35mm film camera with the following lenses:

SMC Pentax-A 50mm f1.4
Takumar-A 70-200mm f3.5-4.5
Takumar-A 70-200mm f4

I have researched the reviews online and basically they said that both the Takumars were not very good. The Pentax 50mm had pretty good reviews. The camera is what it is. All this equipment is in pristine condition and is in the hands of my daughter. I was wondering if anyone had real world experience with any of this equipment, especially the lenses, that could confirm or refute the online reviews. In other words, are any of these lenses any good? TIA for any help.

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