Olympus OM D EM-5

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Re: K-01 looks bad (DCresource)

JoeDaBassPlayer wrote:

DR is great and far better than the P&S like results of Canon And the M43 cameras. In fact, the K5 and K-01 are at or very close to the top of the APS C pile in terms of IQ and DR.

You mean in RAW mode DR is great

In JPEG it is not good according to DPreview tests. With Gradation Auto set, the OM-D E-M5 has -6.3 +4.7 stops DR. With Highlight DR On, the K-5 has -5.0 +3.8 stops DR. That is worse than my Fuji EXR P&S. This can be seen in the 1st interactive graph:


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