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Re: OP is right. There are no Canon Trolls in the Nikon Forums

ultimitsu wrote:

David Hull wrote:

You are working real hard but sadly (for you) clients don't pay for test data and galleries don't hang DxO plots and differences of 1 to 2 dB are not noticeable.

This paragraph shows your complete lack of understanding of the practical value of these measurements or that you are in denial.

1, Clients do know the difference, especially when it comes to resolution, maybe not in the 500 dollar per wedding market. one of my close pro friend owns a studio with 3 full time photographers, he has just made the switch, from 1Ds3 to D800, selling all his 10 L lenses. in wedding business there are always a large number of good shots not perfectly framed, often needs horizon straightened or distracting elements cropped. resolution always suffer. it is not uncommon to lose 20-50% resolution after cropping.

My point was not about the resolution. In circumstances where resolution matters, the D800 is a clear winner. The operative phrase there is "where resolution matters". So that covers resolution, the rest of what you wrote amounts to "Much ado about nothing" or at least "much ado" about "not very much". It is best to leave the techno-babble to those who understand the real significance of 1 dB and 1/3 stop differences. Your efforts to pass off minutia as significant is clear evidence that it is really you who lacks the understanding.

2, sports score basically means that provided they use similarly spec-ed lens, D800's can produce images at shutter speeds around 1/3 faster than 5D3 (just like IR's examples, except 5D3 has 2/3 longer SS), that means much less chance motion blur for moving subjects and less chance of camera shake blur for static subjects.

LOL, I can’t even believe you posted this part. You just made my point. Thank you. As I said, the cameras are essentially identical in performance. 1/3 stop qualifies as minutia in my book (and just about everyone else’s most likely). The IR examples have been analyzed ad nauseum even to the point of the ad hoc BT I mention later which showed no practical difference.

So... check back in when you can show some actual photographs instead of a bunch of meaningless numerical comparisons.

plenty of them already exist and we are only 1 month in. if you cant see them by now you will never be able to see them.

I agree, plenty of samples exist and the one consistent thing among them, no matter who did the review, is how little difference there is between these two cameras. Of course, with your clear propensity to elevate minute differences to exaggerated levels of importance, I am not surprised you see otherwise. We have already had one person here run an ad hoc blind test here and the result was about 50/50 for picking out which camera shot what. As you point out, the samples are there and people can look for themselves and make up their own mind as to whether any difference they might see has significance.

If you think you can tell any difference between these things from a SNR perspective at 3200, have at it.

no one is talking about iso 3200. how many iso 3200 do you have your last 1,000 keepers?

No, but you were claiming that there is some sort of discernible difference in SNR ISO values in that range and that will not be true, measurable, perhaps, evident in day to day use... nope (sorry).

The only place where the d800 shines is at ISO=100. If you are stiff for DR that is the only place where it makes sense to use it (well the most since anyway).

you can keep saying it but it doesnt make it true.

The fact that I say it is not what makes it true. What makes it true is the fact that all of the measurement data and all of the published review samples say it is true. It is the fanboi evangelists like yourself that are living in denial of the facts and published data. I provided you a link to a nicely done curve set that shows this rather clearly. The DxO results also support this contention rather well. You can try to spin it anyway you want but the facts support my contention rather well.

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