Mac guy considering a PC. Advice, please!

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Re: You did not give us much information.

TheEye wrote:

Richard wrote:

Why are you switching?

I didn't say I was switching. I am considering it. I am tired of non-upgradable iMacs that are hard to repair, for example when the HD fails. Cost is an issue. I am no longer all that willing to pay the premium for an Apple product.

Viable reasons to switch.

I am a PC guy and would never own a mac unless someone gave me one. But that being said, why switch. It would be like telling a Nikon owner to switch to Canon when he has equipment meant for the Nikon

I use several brands of system cameras.

So do I but if you have the money again why consider switching, maintain both for the time being.

Usually people get PCs because the Mac is overpriced for what you get, but the Minimac is the most reasonable computers Apple makes. The MiniMac is 600 or 800 you have a choice. Are you trying to save money? Are you saying you want a PC that could be as much as 800 dollars? Should it be a PC or a laptop? Do you have a display?

I mentioned I need the computer primarily fir photo editing. Didn't think anybody would suggest a laptop. I'm only interested in a desktop computer. I do have a monitor that I can use with either a Mac or a PC.

I would say 90 percent of my editing is done on a laptop. But if you do have a monitor you are ready to go with a desktop

It wouldn't be my kind of fun.

Building my own is what i have always done then I get exactly what I want.

But if you have files for the mac, and a display, why not save yourself a lot of trouble and get a mini mac there is a steep learning curve for the PC (no matter which way you switch). If you are looking for a better value the PC is the way to go but you will have to learn.

To what steep learning curve are you referring? I have occasionally been using PCs, and didn't find them all that different.

I don't think it is that steep either but often mac users us that as the reason for not owning a pc along with viruses and interface difficulties.

Good luck and enjoy your new PC.

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