EN-EL15 batteries disappeared from the market?

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Re: EN-EL15 batteries disappeared from the market?

ActualColour wrote:

I don't know what Nikon are playing at, here in the UK it's not just the battery, the D800 and D4 (of course), D700, but also lenses like 28-120 f4 and 28-300!!!

I have a theory, and pretty little to back that theory up. But my guess is Nikon has a lot of new stuff releasing this summer. If this is true, it is conceivable that Nikon is being very conservative in allocating factory resources for established products while preparing manufacturing for large volumes of new product.

So, you have some delay due to last years disaster, pushing the time table on D4 and D800 into this year...pushing into the time allocated for D3200, D600 (if there is such an animal), a couple new lenses, and some other products along with increased demand for a battery...that has a recall...etc. etc.

It may just be the perfect storm of circumstances that has things backlogged. I bet by this time next year, or maybe even fall/winter of this year, everything will back to normal and the peeps at Nikon can wipe their foreheads while letting out a "whew."

Just a theory.

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