How to set aparture and speed for using flash

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Re: How to set aparture and speed for using flash

Sokkheng wrote:

I need help for using flash, How to set aparture and speed for proper exposure with the flash, i'm using canon EOS 550D.

The others above have given you some excellent, if very technical, advice. I will try to simplify it for you based on my learning experience and what was recommended to me when I first started down this path.

Camera mode: M (Manual)
ISO: 400
SS: 1/125 sec.

Av: Wide open (Small number) to f/8 depending on how light you want the background. Use wide open for more light on the BG and go up if you want to isolate your subject with a dark BG.

Avoid Av mode as it will prolly use a slow shutter speed and possibly blur the image.

I was very intimidated and reluctant to use M Mode, which was recommended to me, but once I tried it, I have almost never used anything else!

When you get down to the nuts and bolts of photography, the results depend on the 'nut' behind the camera!

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Check out WilbaW's beginner FAQs at -

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