Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

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Re: Let's unite for new Mac Pro!!!!

Rich Gibson wrote:

Apple is specializing itself into eventual redundancy.

By that do you mean specialising in desktop operating systems or mobile operating systems? Or long term device support? Or retail? Or customer service? Workstations? Laptops? Mini desktop computers? All in one computers? Hand held media players? Mobile phones? User interface design? Music creation software? Office suits? Software development kits? Server software? Media distribution? Home media streaming? Video editing? Video codecs? Book publishing? Tablets? Packaging? Chinese worker rights? (too soon?) Photo processing software? Instant messaging? Face-2-face video calling? The Computer-human interface? Home NAS devices? Wi-fi routers? Displays? Bleeding edge interface protocols? Shaped glass production?

You can criticise Apple for many things, but specialising is not one of them! They have areas they specialise in... but they have lots of them!

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