And you wonder why I don't post here much anymore

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Re: because...........

hi joel,

its as always ...

i have seen so many magnificent pictures shot with
outdated,old cameras. the camera is just a tool which
helps sometimes. but does not replace the eye and the
imagination of the person behind.

i personally like the grx and would not swap it as i am
becoming used to it after a long time of studying its
behaviour its strength and weaknesses.

now i am confident with it and so i keep it
even if there are a lot of new and even better cameras around


Darrell Spreen wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

The truth is with the exception of 3 or 4 friends nobody has any why bother anymore.

I would be posting more and commenting more, but I look for threads where people are more committed to working with one model camera/lens and showing what they can do with it (I find I learn more from that type of post) and I don't see that anymore. Everyone seems to be switching cameras right now. I don't even know what camera(s) you are using these days.

Fact is, I see just as many bothersome IQ characteristics in most of the new cameras as I see improvements -- maybe I'm just becoming immune to the "latest & greatest".

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