sRGB vs ProPhoto in Adobe CameraRAW

Started May 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP andyroo770 Regular Member • Posts: 163
Re: sRGB vs ProPhoto in Adobe CameraRAW

OK, so jpegs tagged sRGB is the way to go I think. The client just wants digital files they can print or display online.

If I edit to the best of my ability, all within Adobe CameraRAW, is it best practice to use ProPhoto, 16 bit, then change to sRGB just before saving (all within CameraRAW) or just edit sRGB 8 bit all the way through to save?

I know jpegs are 8 bit, so does it make a difference if 8 bit is selected in the CameraRaw dialogue box whilst I edit versus letting Adobe convert to 8 bit when selecting jpeg as the file type upon saving?

Does one method result in better tone gradation?

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