Super simple test for D7000 autofocus problem

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Re: Super simple test for D7000 autofocus problem

AJpb wrote:

1. Place camera on a tripod, a table or any stable surface
2. Use an easy focus subject that has clear text on it such as a box of cereal
3. Place the cereal box approx. 1m from the camera

4. Make sure there is space around and behind the cereal box so that the autofocus will only focus on the box
5. Set the camera to spot focus and focus on some text on the box
6. Focus and take the shot
7. Without moving the camera flip the switch to turn on live view
8. Focus and take the shot

The test does not matter which aperture, shutter speed etc. you use or even if you use auto with flash. Distance is also not important, only that the focus from both the viewfinder and live view are on the same area. in this case the cereal box text. Hopefully your D7000 will produce fairly similar image sharpness, but if the live view shot is considerably sharper your camera may have a problem.

If the live view shot is a little sharper:
This proves their is nothing wrong with your lens
Alter the focus fine tune for your lens in the menu settings and try again

If the live view shot is a lot sharper:
Take your camera back to the dealer to send to Nikon for repairs

Slight backfocusing and forward focusing problems can be easily corrected using the focus fine tune but for some D7000's the problem is definately with the camera and Nikon need to address this issue properly.

More advice from a "pro". Good lord. This is crap, wrong, and dangerous. Ignore this post.

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