5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

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Re: 5Dmk3 vs D800E Part 1

etto72 wrote:

certainly its not a crap lens as you are saying....

I didn't say it was crap, I am saying that it's a second tier lens, which you are comparing to a top of the range equivalent from Canon. Having said that, I appreciate that we don't all have the luxury of having access to the perfect equipment for such comparisons.

You probably didn't se that you have access to the Raw files to get to your own conclusion

No, it is I who thanks you. I appreciate your efforts- but having looked at the raw files, there's no meaningful conclusion one can draw from them.

With the head shots of the boy, the distance to subject is quite different as is the focus plane. I couldn't tell if the focus was on the eye screen left or the other. I am guessing it was the screen left eye?

Again, you did a great Jon matching WB.

In the second group, the 5D3 shot of the young lady is out of focus or motion blurred.

In the last set, the D800 shot has motion blur on the subject. Interestingly, the young lady on the left of screen is very similarly focusedn (or out of focus) in both shots.

Again, thanks for these. I think this highlights how difficult it is to draw a meaningful comparison between 2 cameras that in spite of their obvious differences, as so evenly matched.

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