When was the end of Black & White?

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When newspapers got color capacity on every page...

Dan Desjardins wrote:

Ok - I know it's still alive today, but my question is very specific. When did people stop taking Black & White pictures as a matter of course? What was the last year when people would load up a roll of Tri-X, or Panatomic-X in a Spotmatic, or Nikon F, or Miranda Sensorex or Topcon Super D... because they wanted to take pictures, and didn't think much about WHY they were loading black & white film? Another way to put it, when did Black & White become a specific artistic expression?

For me it was 1973. Back then I would normally shoot Black & White. Perhaps it was because I did all of my own darkroom work and color was a total PIA. Yeah - I shot B&W well into the 80s, but by then I was going for the effect.
How about you?

..then there was no commercial reason anymore. But at least well into the 80s B&W was often required.

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